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Overweight & Obesity

Divorce fuels sugary beverage consumption, study finds

Children of recently separated or divorced families are likelier to drink sugar-sweetened beverages than children in families where the parents are married, putting them at higher risk for obesity later in life, according ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Software created to help find a cure for a 'great neglected disease'

For decades, scientists around the world have worked to develop a treatment for schistosomiasis, a debilitating water-born parasite that affects more than 200 million people worldwide. To aid this research, Rahul Singh, professor ...

Autism spectrum disorders

'Integrated Play Groups' help children with autism

It's an often-agonizing challenge facing any parent of a child with autism: How can I help my son or daughter socialize with his or her typically developing peers? The solution, SF State's Pamela Wolfberg found, may lie in ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Argument with dad? Find friendly ears to talk it out

With Father's Day approaching, SF State's Jeff Cookston has some advice for creating better harmony with dad. In a recent study, he found that when an adolescent is having an argument with their father and seeks out others ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Can money buy happiness? For some, the answer is no

Many shoppers, whether they buy material items or life experiences, are no happier following the purchase than they were before, according to a new study from San Francisco State University.

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