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Baby boomers line up for Busselton ageing study

Some 5,000 baby boomers in Busselton are taking part in a unique health study examining how they're likely to cope with old age and how to better treat the diseases affecting them.


Are you watching TV more than 14 hours per week?

Childhood is an important time for good TV viewing habits, as the amount watched could be crucial to reducing negative health effects during adulthood, according to a new study.


What color room should you study in?

Struggling with that last minute exam-prep? Curtin researchers are here to save you, finding that brightly colored rooms can boost your concentration levels.


Better health for Aboriginal youth

Life expectancy for Aboriginal people is approximately ten years lower than other Australians. The generational transference of past trauma and hardship continues to impact the mental and physical well-being of Aboriginal ...

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Walking down stairs could help prevent dementia

We're pretty familiar with the notion that exercise is good for our health. But new WA research suggests that something as simple as encouraging the elderly to walk down a flight of stairs could help prevent cognitive decline, ...

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