Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Research Council was established by the Swedish legislature in 2001. The purpose of the Council is to provide funding for basic research of the highest quality in all disciplines. The objective is for Sweden to build on their achievements and become a leading research nation

SE-103 78 Stockholm, Sweden

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Medical economics

Study examines inequality in international athletics

Athletes from less affluent countries need more education on health to prevent injuries during hard training. But, paradoxically, more knowledge can also increase the risk of injury if there is no access to medically trained ...

Oncology & Cancer

New therapy helps immune system eradicate brain tumors

Researchers from Uppsala University have developed a method that helps immune cells exit from blood vessels into a tumor to kill cancer cells. The goal is to improve treatment of aggressive brain tumors. The study has been ...


Longer shelf life for insulin has major bearing on global health

An international study shows that it is likely that insulin can be stored at room temperature, and for considerably longer than drug companies have counted on to date. Access to this vital medicine can thereby be significantly ...

Oncology & Cancer

A stem cell protein facilitates relapse of pediatric brain tumors

Medulloblastoma is the most common form of malignant brain tumor in children, which often can be cured with operation, radiation and chemotherapy. But a distinct type of medulloblastoma has an increased risk of becoming resistant ...

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