Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark, (DTU) was founded in 1829. DTU is noted for its preeminent studies in structural engineering, shipbuilding and electrical engineering. The great industrialist G.E. Hagermann spearheaded DTU's transformation to a top notch technical and engineering school in the early 1900s. DTU out grew its original central Copenhagen location and moved to its present location near Lyngby. Satellite campuses are located throughout Denmark. Today, DTU is credited with high-level research in Nanotechnology, Environmental and Energy technology, Informational and Communication technology, Food Science and medicotechnology, Space and Robotic technology and more.

Anker Engelundsvej 1 Building 101A, 2. floor 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Oncology & Cancer

Engineers given a role in making medical diagnoses

Engineers will play a bigger role in the healthcare system over the next ten years and thus also in cancer treatment. This is the opinion of Professor Thomas L. Andresen, former head of department at DTU Health Tech and now ...

Health informatics

AI to help doctors treat deafness

One out of five patients with hearing loss, severe hearing impairment or who were born deaf, have deformations in the inner ear, and could benefit from having an advanced hearing aid known as a cochlear implant (CI) implanted. ...


Eye model may improve corneal transplantation

About 600 corneal transplantations are performed in Denmark every year. Most of them are performed as treatment of the eye disease "Fuchs endothelial dystrophy," which causes cellular layers on the back of the cornea to become ...


Gut microbes may help explain benefits of breastfeeding

It has long been known that certain gut bacteria—bifidobacteria—are prevalent in the gut of breastfed infants. Although these bifidobacteria are considered beneficial, the reason why has so far been unclear.


Immunodeficiency affects intestinal microbiome

In the largest study of intestinal bacterial composition (also called the intestinal microbiome) to date in persons with the immunodeficiency selective IgA deficiency, researchers at DTU Bioengineering have ascertained that ...


Obese pigs shed light on human obesity

Mapping of the complete genome of the obesity-prone Ossabaw pig gives new hope for further insights into human obesity and associated diseases

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Promising low-cost method for rapid COVID detection

The current SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection methods recommended by the World Health Organization profoundly rely on the roles of biological enzymes. High cost, stringent transportation and storage conditions as well as the global ...


Vaccine production on mathematical formula

The coronavirus pandemic has made vaccine production a hot topic covered daily in the Danish media. How much can be produced and when can the coveted vials be delivered? The Danish vaccine producer Bavarian Nordic asks itself ...

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