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Decoding sleep to reveal our state of health

Sleep takes up almost one third of our life, yet many of its secrets remain unexplained. To penetrate the mystery, neuroscientists are trying to decipher some of the mechanisms of this basic biological function, so key to ...


Global study unveils 'problematic' use of porn

A major international study led by a Canadian psychologist sheds light on a hidden phenomenon: how problematic use of pornography is affecting people in different parts of the world, across various genders and sexual orientations.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study finds stress is higher for women in long-term relationships

The chronic stress that builds up over decades in a relationship affects each member of the couple differently; in heterosexual couples, the woman is more likely to display negative physiological markers than her spouse.

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Can smells improve your athletic performance?

Did you know that the scent of peppermint can make you run faster? That a whiff of ammonia will make you do a few more push-ups than usual? Or that the fragrance of jasmine can improve your bowling score?


How the brain develops in unborn babies

A new population-based study led by CHU Sainte-Justine researcher and Université de Montréal medical professor Tomas Paus reveals the roles of maternal and fetal genes in the growth of a baby's cerebral cortex.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Video game trauma can last for years, says researcher

"Cry of Fear" is a horror video game that explores a wide range of particularly sensitive topics, from depression to self-harm, murder, and suicide. Samuel Poirier-Poulin knows the game well.


How stigma hurts trans health

For transgender and nonbinary people, feeling connected to one's community may alleviate the adverse health effects of chronic exposure to stigma, the latest findings of a U.S.-Canada study suggests.

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