Tefina, a 'female Viagra', currently being studied

November 19, 2012 in Medicine & Health / Medications
Tefina, a ‘female Viagra’, currently being studied
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Tefina, the first testosterone based intranasal gel, has been in part developed by the ULg's Galenic Pharmacy Laboratory. It is currently at the stage of testing before being marketed by the Canadian company, Trimel Pharmaceuticals.

The University of Liège's Galenic pharmacy laboratory, directed by Professor Brigitte Evrard, is contributing to the development of the Tefina gel, the first testosterone based intranasal gel. It should be injected, in the form of a , one to two hours before . The nose being an organ rich in , it enables a rapid and targeted absorption of the .

The Liège researchers have been working jointly for two years with the Canadian company, Trimel Pharmaceuticals in the context of developing Tefina. This new drug, which constitutes treatment for female anorgasmia – the impossibility of having an orgasm due to organic, behavioural or psychological reasons – is currently undergoing phase 2 clinical trials in the United States, Canada and Australia. The Canadian company which wants to launch on the market a treatment capable of stimulating desire in women, turned to the Liège laboratory to optimise the product

The University of Liège's Galenic pharmacy laboratory thus developed the composition and formula of an intranasal gel so that a sufficient quantity of testosterone can be administered in a single dose, whilst maintaining the integrity of the nasal epithelium. To ensure optimal activity of the active ingredient it was necessary to solubilise and stabilise it, which proved a genuine challenge for the researchers. The was also studied at the laboratory, which is known for innovating and optimising industrial drug manufacturing processes.

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