Medical research

Researchers create real-time view of placental development in mice

Physicians and biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed a method to visualize the growth of a placenta throughout a mouse's pregnancy. By coupling an implantable window with ultrafast imaging tools, the approach ...


Researchers report on muscle as a heart-health predictor

Body composition—often expressed as the amount of fat in relation to muscle—is one of the standard predictors of cardiac health. Now, new research from the University of California San Diego indicates more muscle doesn't ...

Medical research

Scientists discover hidden army of lung flu fighters

Scientists have long thought of the fluid-filled sac around our lungs merely as a cushion from external damage. Turns out, it also houses potent virus-eating cells that rush into the lungs during flu infections.

Radiology & Imaging

Special probes improve ultrasound imaging in obese patients

Ultrasound is used to diagnose many diseases in the abdominal cavity. A new study conducted at the University of Leipzig Medical Center and supported by the Helmholtz Institute for Metabolism, Obesity and Vascular Research ...


Why it's bad to always suck your stomach in

Our abdominal muscles are among the hardest-working muscles in the body. They are involved in nearly every move we make, keeping the body stable and balanced, protecting our spine and even ensuring our internal organs stay ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Personalized risk profile developed for patients with liver disease

A research team from the Department of Medicine III at MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna has conducted a large-scale study showing the important value of repeated liver assessments by a novel method that can significantly ...

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