Psychology & Psychiatry

Study shows how climate anxiety can catalyze activism

The looming uncertainty and dangers of climate change can be paralyzing and debilitating, but a new study from the University of Oregon suggests that such gloom is not wholly harmful.


Key steps for global health, climate post-COP28

Researchers from the Monash Sustainable Development Institute have published a research paper that details how the global health community can play an integral role in decision-making and action to address climate change.

Medical economics

New analysis addresses homelessness in older people

Homelessness doesn't only happen to young people but also affects older adults in growing numbers, write authors in an analysis in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) that describes this emerging crisis.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study finds sense of shared simultaneity increases with group size

Researchers from University of Tsukuba have found that the sense of duration of shared simultaneity increases with the size of the group in which an individual participates. This tendency is more pronounced when a person ...

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