Hackers targeting COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM warns

Hackers are targeting the coronavirus vaccine supply chain, IBM warned Thursday, saying it had uncovered a series of cyber attacks against companies involved in the effort to distribute doses around the world.

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As virus spread, EU activates fast-track decision mode

The EU has adopted a faster decision-making process to help coordinate the response to the novel coronavirus outbreak and allow non-members like Britain to take part.

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Difficulty in noticing that white people are white, new study finds

Professor Peter Hegarty from the University of Surrey developed a celebrity guessing game in which participants were shown one of two groups of actors; Colin Firth, Kate Winslet and Jim Carey or Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman ...

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Actors highly vulnerable to mental health problems

New research from the University of Adelaide is raising the curtain on the not-so-glamorous aspects of being a professional actor, with psychology experts finding that Australian actors experience a wide range of threats ...

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I'd like to thank... myself

When Leonardo DiCaprio accepted his Oscar for Best Actor in "The Revenant" this year, he acknowledged the hard work of the movie's entire team. But such generosity isn't always the case. On large teams—such as big film ...

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