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US launches major COVID vaccination ad campaign

The US government launched a major ad campaign Thursday urging people to get vaccinated, as case numbers of COVID-19 are once again on the rise in America.


We're not prepared for the genetic revolution that's coming

When humans' genetic information (known as the genome) was mapped 15 years ago, it promised to change the world. Optimists anticipated an era in which all genetic diseases would be eradicated. Pessimists feared widespread ...


CDC: Federal anti-smoking campaign still paying off

(HealthDay)—More than 1.8 million Americans tried to quit smoking in 2014 as a result of a federal anti-smoking ad campaign and 104,000 quit for good, a U.S. government survey found.

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Future tension: Mad enough to tax soda

(Medical Xpress)—Simply reading about a future marketing campaign – a plan to pitch sugary soda to kids using NBA basketball and hip-hop music themes – makes some adults mad enough to slap a tax on soda.

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