Psychology & Psychiatry

When gambling becomes an addiction

Gambling can be a harmless hobby or a serious addiction. While gambling addicts are at risk of losing everything, the uncontrollable urge to continue keeps them going, often leading to compulsion. A Baylor College of Medicine ...


Study links social media, gaming addiction to emotions

Social media scrolling and gaming can be addictive, but a new study out of the University of Georgia found these two behaviors are particularly habit forming for kids who have trouble regulating their emotions.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Does society have a sex addiction problem?

The term "sex addiction" is casually used to describe behavior that seems to have become more common, or at least is more commonly reported in the media.


Researchers delve deep into the genetics of addiction

Danielle Dick, a professor of psychiatry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School who leads the Rutgers Addiction Research Center, has spent decades hunting genes that contribute to drug and alcohol addiction.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Fewer smartphones, more well-being, study says

We blame smartphone use for a number of negative consequences, ranging from neck pain to addictive behavior. Privat-Dozentin Dr. Julia Brailovskaia and her team set out to determine whether our lives are actually better without ...

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