Helping patients with addiction tackle their health needs

An intervention that teaches patients in addiction treatment how to better connect with their primary care medical team on both mental and physical health concerns resulted in long-term benefits over 5 years, including more ...


Researchers delve deep into the genetics of addiction

Danielle Dick, a professor of psychiatry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School who leads the Rutgers Addiction Research Center, has spent decades hunting genes that contribute to drug and alcohol addiction.


Treating addictions in patients with HIV

Given the benefits of antiretroviral treatment, for many individuals with HIV, substance use disorder—including opioid, alcohol, and tobacco use disorder—is a greater threat to their health than the virus. Although medications ...


How an addicted brain works

Addiction is now understood to be a brain disease. Whether it's alcohol, prescription pain pills, nicotine, gambling, or something else, overcoming an addiction isn't as simple as just stopping or exercising greater control ...

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