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Restrictions reimposed as virus resurges in much of Asia

Taxi drivers are starved for customers, weddings are suddenly canceled, schools are closed, and restaurant service is restricted across much of Asia as the coronavirus makes a resurgence in countries where it had seemed to ...


Utah calls pornography public health crisis, in US first

Utah became the first US state Tuesday to formally declare pornography a public health crisis, in a move backed by Republicans, seeking to shield its citizens from an "epidemic" of addictive sexual content.


Preventing iPosture pain

Technology has its benefits but sometimes it can be a pain in the neck – literally. Health care professionals often use the terms "text neck" or "iPosture" to describe the position we take when using our electronic devices, ...


US porn makers slam HIV claims, vow to end moratorium

US porn filmmakers who have suspended production after a number of actors reportedly tested HIV-positive accused critics Tuesday of "political posturing" and making unfounded claims.


Los Angeles voters mandate condom use on porn sets

(AP)—Los Angeles County voters have approved a measure requiring porn performers to wear condoms while filming sex scenes, prompting a pledge by the adult entertainment industry to sue to overturn the measure.