Brain region involved in oxycodone relapse identified

Even years after they have recovered, a person who once struggled with alcohol or opioid addiction can relapse—and that relapse is more likely to occur during particularly stressful times.

Attention deficit disorders

Link between prenatal drug use and ADHD

Prenatal use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis has all been independently associated with adverse health impacts on the baby. But many people who use these substances during pregnancy aren't using them in isolation.


2.6 million die annually due to alcohol: WHO

Alcohol kills nearly three million people annually, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday, adding that while the death rate had dropped slightly in recent years it remained "unacceptably high".


New study establishes best practices for supervised psilocybin

Last year, Oregon became the first state in the nation to provide state-regulated access to supervised services involving mind-altering magic mushrooms—raising the likelihood of introducing psilocybin to many Oregonians ...

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