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For anorexic men, the focus is on muscle

(HealthDay)—Anorexia is typically associated with women, but a new report finds that men—especially men obsessed with muscularity—can develop the eating disorder, too.

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Brain research reveals new hope for patients with anorexia nervosa

Researchers from the Translational Developmental Neuroscience Lab led by Professor Stefan Ehrlich at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus at the ...

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Pro-anorexia websites provide comfort for a stigmatized condition

Like most other mental illnesses, anorexia nervosa has helpful social networks of supportive communities online – where individuals on the verge of relapsing or facing temptations can find positive feedback and encouragement ...

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Anorexia/bulimia: A bacterial protein implicated

Eating disorders (ED) such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating disorder affect approximately 5-10% of the general population, but the biological mechanisms involved are unknown. Researchers at Inserm Unit 1073, ...

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Family-based therapies can treat anorexia in teens, study finds

Two different family-based therapies are both effective at combating anorexia nervosa in teenagers, according to the largest study ever to compare two such treatments for the life-threatening eating disorder.


State of the art review: eating disorders in children, teens

(HealthDay)—A new review presents recommendations for the management of eating disorders (EDs) in children. In addition, other research indicates that there has been a recent increase in the prevalence of eating disorders ...

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Socialising difficulty in anorexia to guide treatment

In their investigation of eating disorders and interpersonal problems, researchers have found anorexia nervosa patients have significantly greater difficulties with socialising and assertiveness than those with bulimia nervosa, ...

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