Oncology & Cancer

Treating tumors with engineered dendritic cells

Cancer biologists at EPFL, UNIGE, and the German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg) have developed a novel immunotherapy that does not require knowledge of a tumor's antigenic makeup. The new results may pave the way to ...


Unveiling a novel immune response in the intestinal epithelium

Researchers from the Jan Dobeš laboratory at Charles University in Prague have made a significant discovery uncovering a novel immune response in the intestinal epithelium. Furthermore, their study delineates a mechanism ...

Oncology & Cancer

Biomaterial-delivered one-two punch boosts cancer immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has brought major improvement in patient survival and quality of life, especially with the success of adoptive T cell and immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies. Unfortunately, in contrast to different ...


Understanding immunological memory

Humans encounter innumerable pathogenic bacteria, viruses and other microbes in their day-to-day activities. While infections from some pathogens can be easily cleared by the innate immune system, others can evade this first ...

Oncology & Cancer

T cells can activate themselves to fight tumors

When you need a bit of motivation, it often has to come from within. New research suggests cancer-fighting immune cells have found a way to do just that.

Oncology & Cancer

Scientists transform cancer cells into weapons against cancer

Some cities fight gangs with ex-members who educate kids and starve gangs of new recruits. Stanford Medicine researchers have done something similar with cancer—altering cancer cells so that they teach the body's immune ...

Medical research

Alveolar macrophages help CD8+ T cells go (anti-)viral

The human immune system is a highly complex network of cells, signals, and responses that is tightly regulated to ensure that the body can fight off infection without damaging its own tissues. Now, researchers from Japan ...

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