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Costly group apologies perceived as more sincere, study finds

A research team led by Professor OHTSUBO Yohsuke of Kobe University's Graduate School of Humanities has been investigating how group apologies are perceived. Their results revealed that apologies that are costly for the apologizing ...


Teaching kids the importance of an apology

(HealthDay)—"Say you're sorry." It's almost a natural reflex to ask this of your child when he or she hurts or wrongs someone. But at what age do kids really understand the meaning of an apology, and should you make a child ...

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Sometimes you shouldn't say sorry

Imagine you find out that your friend meets with mutual co-workers for lunch every Friday. You ask to join, but your friend declines your request. Could the way they phrased this rejection make you feel more or less hurt ...

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'Sorry' doesn't heal children's hurt, but it mends relations

Most adults know that a quick apology for a minor transgression, such as bumping into someone, helps maintain social harmony. The bumped-into person feels better, and so does the person who did the bumping. It's all part ...


Ohio bill would shield doctors who say 'My fault'

A proposal in Ohio would allow doctors to acknowledge fault for a mistake to patients or their relatives without fear of the admission being used later in malpractice lawsuits.

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Researcher apologizes for study of gay therapy

(AP) -- A prominent retired psychiatrist is apologizing to the gay community for a decade-old study that concluded some gay people can go straight through what's called reparative therapy.

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