New test better detects reservoir of virus in HIV patients

A new test that measures the quantity and quality of inactive HIV viruses in the genes of people living with HIV may eventually give researchers a better idea of what drugs work best at curing the disease.

Oncology & Cancer

Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research team

An international team today reports the findings of an independent assessment of five commercially-available assays for tumor DNA sequencing—a fast, cheap and less invasive method to diagnose and monitor cancer.

Oncology & Cancer

Stimulating the immune system to fight cancer

Cancer cells have evolved mechanisms to escape the body's immune defense. Agents that prevent immune escape are attractive targets for the development of new cancer therapies. Scientists led by Prof. Herbert Waldmann and ...

Biomedical technology

New blood-test device monitors blood chemistry continually

For even the most routine of medical checkups, a blood test is often the first order of business. But, for all its diagnostic power, this common test provides only a snapshot of the blood during a single moment in time.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Reliable COVID-19 test could reduce virus spread

Results of a unique test developed by a world-renowned expert, which targets three viral genes to increase reliability and could cut COVID-19 detection time to 20 minutes, have been peer reviewed and published in the journal ...

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