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Handling developmental regression in children during COVID-19

Many parents are noticing regression in their young children's development during the current COVID crisis. They describe tantrums, refusal to do schoolwork, toileting accidents, baby talk, intense and unpredictable emotions, ...


Why a little baby talk is good for your toddler

Has anyone ever told you: "Don't baby talk to your baby?" Parents of young infants often tell us that they have heard this advice from friends, family and even health care professionals.

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Babies' love of baby talk is universal, study finds

Babies love baby talk all over the world, says Michael Frank, the Stanford psychologist behind the largest study to date looking at how infants from across the world respond to the different ways adults speak.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why 'baby talk' is good for your baby

People often tell new parents to avoid sing-song "baby talk" with their new addition to the family because it will slow the child's language development.