Brain turns down volume of background noise in a busy cafe

In a busy cafe, on the street, on the telephone or even in a lecture theatre: speech sounds are often lost in a sea of background noise. However our brain still manages to fill in the 'gaps'. You seem to hear softer word ...


How songbirds may help build a better hearing aid

(Medical Xpress)—Untreated hearing loss can have devastating and alienating repercussions on a person's life: isolation, depression, sapped cognition, even dementia.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Children understand familiar voices better than those of strangers

Familiar voices can improve spoken language processing among school-age children, according to a study by NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. However, the advantage of hearing a familiar ...


Does 'free will' stem from brain noise?

Our ability to make choices—and sometimes mistakes—might arise from random fluctuations in the brain's background electrical noise, according to a recent study from the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, ...

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