Moderate drinking linked to brain changes and cognitive decline

Consumption of seven or more units of alcohol per week is associated with higher iron levels in the brain, according to a study of almost 21,000 people publishing July 14 in the open access journal PLOS Medicine. Iron accumulation ...


Scientists discover how the brain keeps the urge to act in check

It's the final race. Eight athletes are lined up on the track, their feet tensely braced against the starting blocks. They hear the count off: "On Your Marks!", "Get Set," and then, a fraction of a second before the gunshot, ...


Synaptic connectivity of a novel cell population in the striatum

A new study from the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet characterizes a novel neuronal population in the basal ganglia, responsible for the interaction between two types of neurotransmitters, GABA and acetylcholine. ...

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