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Turkey records its highest virus death toll

Turkey on Friday reported 141 new deaths from the coronavirus, the highest single toll since its first recorded death in March.

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Turkey's virus tolls tops 10,000

Turkey saw its coronavirus death toll surpass 10,000 on Wednesday, becoming the eighth country in Europe to reach the grim milestone.

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Europe, US reel as virus infections surge at record pace

Coronavirus cases around the world have climbed to all-time highs of more than 330,000 per day as the scourge comes storming back across Europe and spreads with renewed speed in the U.S., forcing many places to reimpose tough ...

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Coronavirus cases surge in Europe and Latin America

Germany and Poland enforced new restrictions to fight the coronavirus Saturday, as the number of cases surged in Europe and breached 10 million in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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COVID-19 gets to India's villages via migrant workers

India's lockdown may have hastened spread of COVID-19 to rural areas as millions of migrant workers, trapped in the big cities, ended up being exposed to the virus—which they carried into their distant villages when finally ...

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Italy's infections slow; deaths around big cities jump

Italy's coronavirus infections rate slowed for a fourth successive day Wednesday as further evidence emerged that a painful long lockdown against the pandemic was finally working.

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Where you live may influence your baby's behavior

Infants from rural families tend to display negative emotions such as anger and frustration more frequently than their urban counterparts, according to a recent study in the Journal of Community Psychology.

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DR Congo Ebola death toll passes 500: health ministry

More than 500 people have died from the latest outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo, but a vaccination programme has prevented thousands more deaths, the country's health minister told AFP.