Medical research

New biobank provides insights into Parkinson's disease

Around 20,000 Swedes are currently suffering from Parkinson's disease, yet there are still only treatments to alleviate symptoms. Through a new biobank, researchers gain access to the genetic profiles of 1000 Parkinson's ...


Age-related diseases can be linked by genetics

In a research paper published in Nature Aging, the team reports using a novel approach to provide the first data-driven classification of multiple diseases obtained using human genetic and medical data freely available from ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Gut health and mood genetically entwined

University of Queensland researchers have confirmed a link between depression and stomach ulcers, in the world's largest study of genetic factors in peptic ulcer disease.


Prediabetes may be linked to worse brain health

For the study, published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, researchers analysed data from the UK Biobank of 500,000 people aged 58 years on average, and found that people with higher than normal blood sugar ...

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