What is pelvic floor therapy?

Pelvic floor issues can occur among both men and women, but non-invasive strengthening therapy is available for people experiencing these issues. A Baylor College of Medicine urologist explains the importance of pelvic floor ...


Comorbidities up resource use in pediatric spinal fusion

(HealthDay)—For children with medical complexity undergoing spinal fusion, chronic respiratory insufficiency, bladder dysfunction, and epilepsy are significantly associated with hospital resource use, according to a study ...


Human neuron transplants treat spinal cord injury in mice

Chronic pain and loss of bladder control are among the most devastating consequences of spinal cord injury, rated by many patients as a higher priority for treatment than paralysis or numbness. Now a UC San Francisco team ...


Why men don't like to talk about their enlarged prostate

Conversation about how often you have to get up at night for a piddle is probably not the most scintillating discourse. But there's a much bigger reason men don't like to talk about prostate conditions.

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