Medical research

How a burn could change your blood

UWA scientists have discovered a surprising and significant link between burn injuries and heart disease.


Molecular mechanism of cerebral venous thrombosis discovered

Cerebral venous thrombosis is a rare, often severe disease that has been brought to public attention by the COVID 19 pandemic. A research group from W├╝rzburg has now succeeded for the first time in deciphering a molecular ...

Medical research

THC in cannabis may reduce platelet function

Using marijuana may lead to platelet dysfunction, according to a new study in nonhuman primates. Platelets, a component of blood, play a role in maintaining blood vessel (vascular) health and aid wound healing and placental ...


Cause of neonatal strokes identified

Scientists have discovered an important cause of stroke occurring in the womb or just after birth, paving the way for new treatments.

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