Examining spleen volume and blood parameter correlations

The spleen is the biggest lymphatic organ in the body and its major roles are to create blood (hematopoiesis), to store blood, to filter the blood and to generate immunological responses. Radiological examination of the changes ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Gratitude may improve your health

Be thankful for what you haveā€”it might improve your physical and mental health, according to a new global study that uses cell phone data.

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Which sports drinks are best for hydration?

Hypotonic drinks ingested during exercise hydrate better than isotonic, hypertonic, and water-based sports drinks, according to new research led by a team from Massey University.


Gene therapy in early stages may slow down Huntington's disease

In a new study on mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report that using MRI scans to measure blood volume in the brain can serve as a noninvasive way to potentially track the progress of gene editing therapies for early-stage ...


Laypeople have difficulty estimating severity of blood loss

When an accident occurs, the reactions of bystanders are important. Researchers have studied whether laypeople realize the severity of the situation when someone in their proximity begins to bleed, and whether they can estimate ...

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