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Modelling the timings of a COVID-19 second wave in Europe

How a second wave of COVID-19 infections may evolve across Europe over the next few months, using data on infection rates and travel within and between European countries, is modelled in a Scientific Reports paper. The findings ...

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Hard-hit countries step up virus measures as cases mount

Countries among the hardest hit by the coronavirus unveiled further control measures Friday to battle rising cases, hitting summer tourism and aspects of everyday life around the globe.

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US, Canada, Mexico COVID-19 travel ban extended

The US Department of Homeland Security said Friday that a COVID-19 ban on non-essential travel through border crossings with Canada and Mexico was being extended until September 21.

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Mexico to keep US border closed to non-essential travel

Mexico plans to extend the closure of its shared border with the United States for another month to non-essential travel, Mexico Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Thursday.

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Virus-linked border moves raise fears on free travel in EU

As European countries struggle to manage spikes in coronavirus cases, concern is mounting about a "second wave" of uncoordinated border restrictions within Europe that threatens the free movement of goods and peopleā€”a foundation ...

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Borders define geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments, sovereign states, federated states and other subnational entities. Some borders—such as a state's internal administrative borders, or inter-state borders within the Schengen Area—are open and completely unguarded. Other borders are partially or fully controlled, and may be crossed legally only at designated border checkpoints. Some, mostly contentious, borders may even foster the setting up of buffer zones.

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