Psychology & Psychiatry

Neuronal plasticity in chronic pain-induced anxiety revealed

Chronic pain is persistent and inescapable, and can lead to maladaptive emotional states. It is often comorbid with psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders. It is thought that chronic pain causes changes ...


Researching the mystery of consciousness after brain injury

The return of consciousness after traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains something of a mystery for scientists and is not easy to predict. A series of recently published studies by researchers in the Department of Neurosurgery ...


Newly discovered brain circuit in motor learning

How does the brain acquire new motor skills? A new study published today (February 9th) in the scientific journal Science Advances sheds light on a newly discovered brain circuit that may endow us with this remarkable ability.

Medical research

Discovery could help finetune immunity to fight infections, disease

Research led by Washington State University scientists supports a novel theory that the innate immune system people are born with can respond differently to specific pathogens. This quality, known as immunological specificity, ...

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