Psychology & Psychiatry

Keys to keeping your brain healthy

Your brain is pretty fabulous. Around 100 billion nerve cells work together to keep you nimble and quick in your thinking.

Medical research

Cravings for fatty foods traced to gut-brain connection

A dieter wrestling with cravings for fatty foods might be tempted to blame their tongue: the delicious taste of butter or ice cream is hard to resist. But new research investigating the source of our appetites has uncovered ...

Medical research

Can the protein that defeats metabolic diseases conquer dementia?

Alzheimer's disease is a representative neurodegenerative disease showing up at an increasing rate in an aging society. Sufferers of this disease are not only portrayed in media, but can often be seen around us. Patients ...


Gaining insights into spastic paraplegia

Rare diseases, as the name indicates, only affect a small part of the population. However, for those affected they are particularly challenging, often especially because research into such rare diseases tends to be less of ...

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