Oncology & Cancer

Study finds significant chemical exposures in women with cancer

In a sign that exposure to certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be playing a role in cancers of the breast, ovary, skin and uterus, researchers have found that people who developed those cancers have significantly higher ...

Oncology & Cancer

A 3-D bioprinted tumor-on-a-chip model

The resistance to cancer treatment is often credited to the heterogenous cellular nature within a tumor. The tumor cell-cell interaction and cell-microenvironment have a key role in the invasion and progression of tumors ...

Oncology & Cancer

Q&A: Tips for cancer patients to stay safe in the summer

I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I take medication but have committed to a healthier lifestyle, including daily walks outside, swimming and other outdoor activities with my family. Recently, I was diagnosed with breast ...

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