Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers look at burnout among community faith leaders

Faith community nurses and other leaders play integral roles in the holistic health of rural residents, yet they are not immune to stress and burnout, according to a West Virginia University study.

Medical research

New insight into dying cells in Parkinson's disease

When a patient experiences the first symptoms of Parkinson's disease, the disease has been developing for a long time, and the patient may have already lost half of a specific type of nerve cells in the brain.


'Cell food' gives insight into T cell metabolism

New research from the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center reveals that the metabolic pathways that make a specific type of T cell function are different than previously believed. The key to this discovery lies in a ...


Exercise and diet reaffirmed as key to healthy aging

While many people are aware humans typically lose strength and mobility as they age, fewer realize this is not inevitable and can largely be prevented by diet and appropriate exercise.


New target in the fight against heart disease

Soon after cholesterol and fat start depositing on the lining of the blood vessels that supply your heart, the smooth muscle cells that give the blood vessels strength and flexibility start to get bigger and multiply.

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