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DR Congo starts vaccinating against deadly Ebola outbreak

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday launched a vaccination campaign after two people died of Ebola in the northwestern town of Mbandaka, the World Health Organization's Africa office announced.

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Vaccines halved Italy's COVID-19 death toll: report

Italy's COVID vaccine campaign prevented some 150,000 deaths, slashing the country's death toll by almost half, the national health institute (ISS) said Wednesday.

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People wrongly believe their friends will protect them from COVID-19

People may feel less vulnerable and take fewer safety precautions about COVID-19 when they are with, or even just think about, their friends instead of acquaintances or strangers, according to research published by the American ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Here's why some people are getting COVID shots now

Laura Rago wasn't smiling behind her mask as she pulled down the arm of her sweater and got her first shot of a COVID-19 vaccine on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in an otherwise-empty Keystone First Wellness Center. The Ridley ...

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