Oncology & Cancer

An AI tool's potential impact on predictive medicine

AlphaFold is an outstanding example of artificial intelligence's computational capabilities in accurately predicting intricate protein structures. A new Review article explores AlphaFold's recent advancements and its potential ...

Oncology & Cancer

New 3D technique reveals precancerous pancreatic lesions

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center's Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center have developed a 3D genomic profiling technique to identify small precancerous lesions in the pancreas—called pancreatic ...

Oncology & Cancer

New biomarker predicts success of immunotherapy in kidney cancer

Immunotherapy increases survival rates in kidney cancer, but does not work for everyone. A Leuven research team has developed a new method to predict which patients will benefit from it. The team of Francesca Finotello (Computational ...

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