Medical research

Review examines diversity in dermatology clinical trials

Racial and ethnic groups can be underrepresented in medical research. So what is the makeup of participants in randomized clinical trials of common dermatologic conditions? A review article published online by JAMA Dermatology ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Is changing one's race a sign of mental health problems?

Rachel Dolezal was born to white parents and raised as a white child, but privately "transitioned" to a self-identified black woman after attending (and suing) the historically black Howard University. She first made headlines ...


Removing race from human genetic research

A group of scientists are urging their colleagues to take a step forward and stop using racial categories when researching and studying human genetics.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

A low-cost voice monitoring device to combat functional dysphonia

Functional dysphonia is the nightmare of professional singers and even more so of amateur actors, but also of teachers and call-centre operators, to mention only a few of the workers exposed to the risk of vocal damage due ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Often misidentified, multiracial people value accurate perceptions

Multiracial people may be misidentified more often as being white than black and may value being accurately identified more so than single-race individuals, according to research presented at APA's 121st Annual Convention.

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