Experts talk bioethics, healthcare in new book

The United States spends twice as much on health care per person than any other affluent democracy. But that spending has not produced the results that might be expected, noted Penn President Amy Gutmann.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Citizen science supports tick-borne disease research

A nationwide investigation of the prevalence and distribution of ticks and exposure to tick-borne diseases highlights the value of public participation in science. The study, published on July 11th in the open-access journal ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Trapping mozzies at home to detect disease

Householders and school children are being urged to get behind a University of South Australia campaign to help keep the State free from nasty viruses and diseases.

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

A participatory research project tackling Alzheimer's disease

Earlier this year, we introduced you to WeCureALZ – a groundbreaking new project that for the first time is set to use the power of citizen science to conduct Alzheimer's research. Enabled by the support of the BrightFocus ...

Medical research

uBiome project seeking to sequence the human microbiome

(Medical Xpress)—Three health researchers have set up a project called uBiome, on the crowd sourcing site indiegogo, with the aim of sequencing the human microbiome—microbes that live on and in the human body. The purpose ...