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India resumes limited train service as it eases lockdown

India reopened parts of its huge rail network on Tuesday, running a limited number of trains as it looks at easing a nearly seven-week lockdown despite a continuing rise in coronavirus infections.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Immigrant detainees are at high risk for COVID-19

Migrants who are being held in detention should be given the same consideration as vulnerable groups amid the COVID-19 pandemic, says Northeastern law professor Hemanth Gundavaram.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Trudeau warns coronavirus restrictions could last weeks, months

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday urged Canadians to hunker down for the long haul as business closures and people staying home to prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus could last weeks or months.


Judge hears arguments in challenge to Georgia abortion law

Opponents of Georgia's restrictive new abortion law told a judge on Monday that it violates Supreme Court precedent and should be blocked, while the state argued the law should be allowed to take effect as planned.


New suite of legal data capture US abortion laws

New legal data published to LawAtlas.org today provide a comprehensive look at the contents of US abortion regulations, relevant court cases and Attorneys General opinions that directly impact the provision of abortion services.

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Talking to your kids about election outcome

If adults are feeling anxious, depressed or angry about the presidential election results, their children might be feeling the same.

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