One in five will have vaccine resentment over summer holidays

Nearly one in five people who haven't had a COVID vaccine say they'll feel resentful towards those who have if they don't get one in time for their summer holidays, while the proportion of the public who think vaccine passports ...


Germany to open up virus vaccinations to all adults in June

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that Germany will open up COVID-19 vaccinations to all adults in June, based on projections that the country will receive 80 million doses from manufacturers in the second quarter of the ...


New suite of legal data capture US abortion laws

New legal data published to today provide a comprehensive look at the contents of US abortion regulations, relevant court cases and Attorneys General opinions that directly impact the provision of abortion services.

Oncology & Cancer

Jolie's mastectomy spotlights legal battle over genes

Movie star Angelina Jolie tested positive for a "faulty gene" at the center of a high-profile legal battle in the United States that challenges whether human genes can belong to a corporation.

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