Indonesia starts mass COVID-19 vaccinations with president

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Wednesday received the first shot of a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine after Indonesia approved it for emergency use and began efforts to vaccine millions of people in the world's fourth ...

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Cyprus to return to lockdown conditions to stem virus spread

Cyprus is returning to lockdown for the remainder of the month, including daytime restrictions on movement and a shuttering of schools, after the government conceded Friday that a nightly curfew and other existing measures ...

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Greece extends coronavirus lockdown by a week

Greece's government spokesman on Thursday announced a weeklong extension to the country's current lockdown, due to the continued spread of the coronavirus, particularly in the north of the country.

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Masked Belgians cautiously emerge from lockdown

The Louise roundabout in Brussels is usually swarming with traffic but on Monday, despite the beginning of the end of the coronavirus lockdown, activity was sparse and trams near empty.

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Nigeria struggles towards shutdown as virus fears grow

The normally bustling markets have thinned out and the notoriously clogged roads are eerily free: Lagos is lurching towards shutdown as Nigeria tries to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Why quarantines are so difficult to implement: Lessons from the 1800s

More than a hundred years ago, disease immunizations often seemed like something out of a low-budget horror movie: Mix water with a sick patient's pulverized scabs. Then, insert the pulp into shallow cuts on a healthy person's ...

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Iran coronavirus death toll rises to 1,934

Iran on Tuesday announced 122 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, raising the official toll to 1,934 in one of the world's worst hit countries.

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Study finds no link between midlife diet and dementia risk

Researchers in France studying UK civil servants have suggested that people with a healthier midlife diet are as likely to develop dementia 20 years later. The findings are published today (Tuesday 12 March) in the scientific ...

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