New tool can diagnose strokes with a smartphone

A new tool created by researchers at Penn State and Houston Methodist Hospital could diagnose a stroke based on abnormalities in a patient's speech ability and facial muscular movements, and with the accuracy of an emergency ...

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Roche teams up with Atea in US on oral coronavirus treatment

Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Roche said Thursday it is collaborating with Atea Pharmaceuticals on the development of an orally administered drug to treat coronavirus patients who have not been hospitalised.


Single gene disorders not so simple after all

Traditionally, geneticists divide disorders into "simple," where a single gene mutation causes disease, or complex, where mutations in many genes contribute modest amounts. A new study suggests that the truth is somewhere ...

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One in seven medical diagnoses incorrect

The estimated 140,000 diagnostic errors made in Australia every year could be prevented by implementing key strategies, according to a perspective paper by a University of Queensland researcher.

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