Oncology & Cancer

Digital life coaching during stem cell transplantation

Research published in JMIR Formative Research reports that the authors launched a single-arm pilot study to investigate the feasibility of patient engagement with digital life coaching (DLC) during this intensive period.


Lifestyle coaching lowers blood pressure in Black adults

Culturally tailored lifestyle coaching can help Black adults with hypertension improve their blood pressure control, new Kaiser Permanente research shows. Improving blood pressure control is key to reducing risk for stroke, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Coaching program reduces burnout among resident physicians

A coaching program aimed at decreasing burnout among female resident physicians significantly reduced emotional exhaustion and imposter syndrome while increasing self-compassion over a six month period, according to researchers ...

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

The importance of athlete-coach relationships in achieving success

With the Winter Olympics only just behind us it's important to note that the moment of winning on the international athletics stage, glorious as it may be, is only the final scene. A snapshot that represents years of hard ...

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Ice baths: Are we doing it wrong?

Whilst ice baths are popular with many athletes to aid recovery, new research published in the scientific journal Sports Sciences for Health suggests that many people might not see the expected benefits because they're not ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How sex and intimacy coaching can help bring people closer together

Despite living in a sex-obsessed society, we rarely talk about our erotic lives in ways that foster meaningful intimacy with ourselves and others. Indeed, millions of people are craving physical and emotional connection, ...

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