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In Israel, omicron drives records, zigzag policy, 4th shots

Israel opened to tourists for the first time in nearly two years. After just a month, it slammed shut. Now the omicron variant has set a widely-expected record for new infections in the country, which will once again crack ...

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Italy health czar blames resignation on 'anti-science' government

The president of Italy's national health research organisation on Wednesday said he had been driven to resign due the "anti-scientific" policies of the country's populist government including efforts to undermine confidence ...

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Germany plans to drop mask-wearing mandate on planes

The German government plans to drop a requirement for people to wear masks on flights to and from the country, though the health minister said Tuesday that it could be reimposed if coronavirus cases rise sharply.


Italy requires COVID-19 pass for all workers from Oct. 15

Italian workers in both the public and private sectors must display a health pass to access their workplaces from Oct. 15 under a decree adopted Thursday by Premier Mario Draghi's broad-based coalition government.

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