A new way to monitor eye microcirculation

For the eyes to function properly, they must be adequately supplied with blood, and abnormalities in the microcirculation may indicate dysfunctions in other arteries, which are difficult to examine. For the first time, scientists ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Surgery may benefit macular edema from Coats disease

Surgical drainage of large macular cysts in a patient with Coats disease resulted in an immediate resolution of edema and a gradual resolution of lipid exudates over one year. However, visual recovery was limited due to the ...


AI model to improve clinical trial recruitment for eye disease

A new artificial intelligence (AI) system that could significantly reduce the time and cost required to recruit clinical trial patients for an advanced form of age-related vision loss has been developed by a team led by UCL ...


New method allows quick measurement of photoreceptor response

Photoreceptors are the fundamental component of the entire vision process. These specialized cells that absorb light and trigger a specific physiological reaction in the body come in two varieties: cones (responsible for ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Retina indicates severity of schizophrenia, scientists discover

Researchers have discovered that the retina of schizophrenia patients differs from the retina of healthy participants. These changes could help psychiatrists to recognize who will have a particularly severe course of illness. ...

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