That's a wrap: Protein 'burritos' stabilize vaccines

Half of vaccines are wasted annually because they aren't kept cold. Chemical engineers have discovered a way to stabilize viruses in vaccines with proteins instead of temperature.

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Germany's new local lockdown is a warning, not a disaster

German authorities have had to take the difficult decision of reimposing a pandemic lockdown in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia after a resurgence of the coronavirus. This comes after the country's R number, a measure ...

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How much do I need to clean at home?

It's a big ask to wipe down everything in sight to avoid bringing COVID-19 home, but having a strategy will keep it manageable, says a University of Alberta expert.


Caring for your heart is critical during the winter months

We may be starting the new year with mild temperatures, but we still have a long stretch of winter months ahead. As the temperatures inevitably turn more seasonable, it's important to keep up with your health, especially ...

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