Loneliness poses risks as deadly as smoking: surgeon general

Widespread loneliness in the U.S. poses health risks as deadly as smoking up to 15 cigarettes daily, costing the health industry billions of dollars annually, the U.S. surgeon general said Tuesday in declaring the latest ...

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'We need to know': WHO says China has more on COVID origin

The World Health Organization said Thursday it was sure China had far more data that could shed light on the origins of COVID, demanding Beijing immediately share all relevant information.

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Human milk is essential, yet scientists know little about it

It is one of the few foods that nearly everyone on the planet has consumed at some point. It's linked to a host of health benefits, from reducing the risk of asthma and Type 1 diabetes to fighting off infections.


Expert discusses FDA approval of OTC naloxone

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a recommendation that naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug commonly known as Narcan, be made available over the counter without a prescription.

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WHO urges E. Guinea to report all Marburg cases

The World Health Organization urged Equatorial Guinea to report all Marburg virus cases to the WHO, amid fears that transmission may be more widespread than divulged, warning communities need alerting.

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