UK probes mega AstraZeneca deal for US biotech firm

Britain's competition watchdog on Tuesday said it was investigating the planned purchase of US biotech company Alexion by COVID vaccine-maker AstraZeneca in a deal worth $39 billion.


Studies take early look at health law's premiums

Coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law won't be cheap, but two independent private studies show that cost-conscious consumers hunting for lower premiums will have plenty of options.


Pfizer 3Q profit falls 14 pct on generic Lipitor (Update)

(AP)—Drug giant Pfizer Inc. said Thursday that its third-quarter profit fell 14 percent as sales plunged, mainly due to U.S. generic competition to cholesterol fighter Lipitor, long the world's top-selling drug.


State deregulation of open-heart surgery beneficial to patients

(Medical Xpress)—Certificate of Need, a form of state government regulation designed to keep mortality rates and health care costs down, appears to do neither for heart bypass surgery, according to a health economics researcher ...

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