Vaccines through microneedle skin patches

A revolutionary new way to give vaccines through microneedle skin patches is being tested at Swansea University, thanks to £200,000 of EU funding announced by the Welsh Government.

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More caution needed to keep older adults safe from COVID-19

Survey results from 27 countries suggest that, despite their increased risk of severe illness due to COVID-19, elderly people are not more willing to isolate when asked to, and are not more compliant with several COVID-19 ...

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Compliance higher if stay-at-home extensions are shorter than thought

(HealthDay)—When hypothetical stay-at-home orders in response to COVID-19 are extended longer than expected, people become less willing to increase self-isolation efforts, according to a working paper released by the National ...


Compliance with ID rules in recreational cannabis stores

A new study by collaborators at Klein Buendel, Inc. and the Prevention Research Center finds that recreational cannabis stores in Colorado and Washington state, both of which legalized adult recreational use in 2012, show ...


Hand hygiene compliance among paramedics 'remarkably low'

Paramedics' compliance with hand hygiene standards seems to be "remarkably low," finds an observational study of ambulance staff practice in four countries and published online in Emergency Medicine Journal.

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Compliance can mean:

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