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Germany mulls bringing back masks this autumn

Germany's health minister said Friday that the country may need to brink back a requirement for wearing face masks in public this autumn after lawmakers rejected a proposed coronavirus vaccine mandate.

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Ukraine reports highest daily COVID cases since April

Ukraine on Thursday reported its highest number of daily coronavirus cases since April as authorities prepared to introduce compulsory vaccinations for teachers and government officials.

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Samoa law embeds compulsory measles shots

Samoa has passed a law to make childhood vaccinations compulsory as the Pacific nation continues efforts to contain a devastating measles outbreak that by Thursday had killed 77 people, most of them infants.


German paediatricians demand compulsory vaccinations

Germany's paediatricians association Wednesday demanded mandatory childhood vaccinations against measles and a range of other diseases in a debate kicked off by the health minister.

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Polish lawmakers approve more talks on banning vaccinations

Lawmakers from Poland's conservative ruling party have approved further parliamentary discussion over a controversial plan to abolish compulsory vaccinations for children, including those against serious diseases such as ...