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Psychotherapy online: What psychology students think about it

The more positive the personal attitude of psychology students toward video psychotherapy and the greater the positive expectations and experiences, the more they are willing to offer video psychotherapy after graduation. ...

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Tanzania on high alert after Marburg outbreak

Tanzania has heightened disease surveillance and prevention measures to contain its first-ever outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease (MVD), which is highly infectious and potentially fatal.

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What can network theory offer public health?

If it were up to engineering, everything would be optimized. Efficiency would rule, and the best available outcomes would frictionlessly elevate scientific research, live at our fingertips and shape our surroundings.

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COVID is running rampant in China—but herd immunity remains elusive

After nearly three years of keeping COVID under control, China is experiencing a massive new wave of COVID infections. The official figures reporting 60,000 deaths between December 8 and January 12 are widely seen as underestimating ...

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WHO: Ugandan Ebola outbreak 'rapidly evolving' after 1 month

Uganda's Ebola outbreak is "rapidly evolving" a month after the disease was reported in the East African country, a top World Health Organization official said Thursday, describing a difficult situation for health workers.

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