Psychology & Psychiatry

Exploring the links between self-control and wellbeing

Dr. Olivia Remes has spent her career researching mental health and wellbeing. In her new book, "The Instant Mood Fix," she brings together the research in this field in a bid to help others. Writing it has been a very personal ...


CDC: HIV tests rare in medical settings among WVa drug users

Emergency departments and inpatient medical personnel rarely conducted HIV testing on intravenous drug users in a West Virginia county with one of the nation's highest spikes in such cases, according to a federal investigation ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Africa battles new COVID-19 wave hitting faster and harder

Africa is facing a devastating resurgence of COVID-19 infections whose peak will surpass that of earlier waves as the continent's countries struggle to vaccinate even a small percentage of the population, top health officials ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Study provides MIS-C treatment guidance

An analysis conducted by a group of investigators including Tamara Bradford, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, found that children and adolescents with Multisystem inflammatory ...


US experts review heart problems among teens after COVID shots

A panel of experts convened by the top US health agency was meeting Wednesday to review data surrounding more than 300 confirmed cases of heart inflammation among adolescents and young adults after receiving mRNA COVID vaccines.

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