Medical research

Protein-trapped sugar compounds nourish infant gut microbes

UC Davis researchers have shown that an enzyme produced by beneficial microbes in babies' intestines is able to harvest specific sugar compounds from human breast-milk and cow's milk. The discovery identifies those sugars—rather ...


Is colitis in infants caused by their own intestinal flora?

The existing explanatory model for the development of a special form of colitis in infants is currently being called into question: Whereas it was previously assumed that the cause is an allergic reaction to cow's milk proteins, ...


Milk protein detected in some 'cow's milk-free' baked goods

(HealthDay)—Some bakery products sold as free of cow's milk may not be safe for those with milk allergies because they still contain milk protein, according to research published online Feb. 4 in Allergy.


Milk does a body good? A look at the science

Embattled milk producers in the U.S. launched a social media campaign this week to rebuild public confidence in the health benefits of their product.


Fresh milk keeps infections at bay

A study by researchers of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich shows that infants fed on fresh rather than UHT cow's milk are less prone to infection. The authors recommend the use of alternative processing methods ...

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